First Two Mentor Companies Announced

First Two Mentor Companies Announced

The Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) announced two of the Mentor companies that will be providing services to the constituents of ESEC’s new Chesapeake Agricultural Innovation Center

“We are pleased to welcome Grow and Fortify and Cureate as the first Mentors who will be resources for CAIC,” said Mike Thielke, ESEC Executive Director. “We will be adding more Mentors as we identify more specific needs that CAIC must address.”

Annapolis-based Grow and Fortify focuses on value-added agriculture startups that require mentorship in the areas of government regulation, licensing, packaging, labeling, zoning, and permitting procedures.

Cureate, based in Washington, DC, offers strategic advice on the topics of successful go-to-market strategies, market analysis, sales channels, distribution, and marketing.

CAIC’s mentorship activities were part of the proposal ESEC submitted to the USDA to compete for the grant that established CAIC. Beginning in Fall 2021, Mentors will develop and present Virtual Presentations and mentoring sessions that will be part of CAIC’s “Business Solutions for Value-Added Producers” experience that is open to value-added producers who register with CAIC.